Spiritually Based Life & Business Coaching Services

What Katie has to Say…

Christoph’s Life Coaching with a Twist is positive and forward moving. Because of his confidence in my ability to choose and act on a life giving path, he insists on finding that thing which I am passionate. His guidance is practical, wise and seeks to lead to health and wholeness. His gentle approach allows me the comfort to see clearly what needs to be addressed and his encouragement is genuine and spirit-filled. This is no confusion about what it is I can do to achieve my goals.

Katie (Lafayette)


What Raph has to Say…

Christoph knew how to ask the right questions while pursuing paths meaningful to me as a client. I found him sensitive, non-threatening, and comfortable to be with. He knew how to engage me in the issues I brought up to him and his wise counsel left me feeling hat the sessions were both useful and beneficial. I would recommend him not only for this competence but for the sincere concern he had for me as a his client. Thank you for the privilege of recommending him to you at this time.

Raph (Walnut Creek)


What Terri has to Say…

Life Coaching is distinctive from therapy in that it looks forward and is very practical. Working with Christoph has helped frame my life in such a way that I can approach my work in a context that meets my needs both professionally and personally. His practical and gentle approach, the insight and practices that he offers combined with his own professional background create a mix that works for me because, I also like to bring my own values to my job and to everything I do. I learned to look at things in different ways, and commit to tasks and methods that will help me move forward. I can see my work in a way that is dynamic and of my shaping. I’m learning to ask for what I want.

Terri (Lafayette)


I help individuals, couples and business owners who are spending too much time at work to clarify & prioritize their focus so that they can make more money and work a lot less. Together we design the client’s compelling new future so he/she can reach goals more effortlessly. My clients learn how to get 2-3 times as much accomplished in half the time, how to get clear and focused, how to eliminate fears, doubts and worries and how to become masters at delegating and setting boundaries. In the process they experience less stress, increased happiness and improved relationships. Don't delay, take action NOW. Click here for a FREE 45 min "Business Breakthrough Session".